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​Welcome to our cast of characters spanning across 5 different game worlds (all currently running): 
Character Portraits.png


An ex-surgeon, aasimar, cleric of peace, Leo has joined his adventuring companions in order to further escape his past employment and achieve a peaceful existence.


Stats: 9,14,13,14,19,16 (lvl. 5)
Weapon of Choice: Holy Symbol, Scalpel

Character Portrait maria.png
Maria Lekki


Youngest member of the Lekki family and determined to prove herself as a knight Maria has set out on adventure to win her fame, find her sister, and bring honor to her family.


Stats: 14,8,12,18,15,15 (lvl. 5)
Weapon of Choice: Longsword and Shield

Character Portrait folkvar.png


A sheltered 'dwarfforged' from Freerock, Folkvar set out with his best friend Shiggs to see the world after receiving a summons from a mysterious stranger. 


Stats: 15,16,20,19,12,12 (lvl. 5)
Weapon of Choice: Lighthammer

Orin Tyd Divination Wizard
Orin Tyd


A well traveled divination wizard who was once part of a traveling circus and now adventures in hopes of uncovering complex magical secrets that might allow him to shape time itself. 


Stats: 8,17,14,17,15,12 (lvl. 3)
Weapon of Choice: Spellbook and Focus

 Winona Gaultier Princess Bard
Winona Gaultier

A bardic princess who finds herself trapped in a world in which her name has no weight, she hopes to  find a way home to her family and avenge the death of her trusted bodyguard Alfred. 


Stats: 14, 16, 14, 16, 16, 20 (lvl. 8)
Weapon of Choice: Scimitar

Selden Sylvyr Elven Rogue
Selden Sylvyr

A master thief and unlikely adventurer, caught in this new profession as a consequence of his heritage and one big mistake of trying to steal from the wrong centaur. 


Stats: 12, 20, 8, 18, 16, 10 (lvl. 16)
Weapon of Choice: Rapier

Eleanora Pale Monk
Eleanora Church

A new student of monastic tradition with a desire to see the world and learn all she can about it. Perpetually nomadic her choice to join the newly built adventurers guild seemed only natural. 


Stats: 8,18, 12, 14, 13, 16 (lvl. 1)
Weapon of Choice: Staff 

Niera Portrait.png
Niera St. Almus

A young war cleric on an adventure of self discovery. Somehow became wrapped up in saving the world from it's complete impending destruction.


Stats: 17, 9, 16, 15, 20, 10 (lvl. 17)
Weapon of Choice: Longsword

Character Portraits timothy.png
Timothy Pennywinkle

A self described 'traveling revolutionary' Timothy has been on a plethora of adventures both following and getting lost from his dedicated adventuring party.


Stats: 8, 15, 16, 20, 14, 12 (lvl. 17)
Weapon of Choice: Advanced Shielding Suit

Arturo Asteliss Yuanti Artificer
Arturo Asteliss

17 year old Artificer Artillerist invited to attend the Dulthram academy after having exhausted all his other options to further his education. Also stoked to have a roommate who's perpetually on fire.


Stats: 13, 15, 15, 20, 10, 15 (lvl. 5)
Weapon of Choice: Sling

Hiri Halforc Monk

Rejected by her Orc family Hiri has set out into the world to earn her fortune and open a temple where those dedicated to bodybuilding can hone their craft. She is a monk who is obsessed with giants.


Stats: 20,14, 16, 10, 13, 8 (lvl. 8)
Weapon of Choice: Fists

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