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Maria Lekki

Character Portrait maria.png

"One day, I'll bring true honor to the Lekki name, like my sister did before me!"

"I'm so glad to have run into Leo on our travels, I'm sure I would have died multiple times over without him around to save me... Folkvar? Oh, well... Yeah, I guess having him around does make things more exciting at least. Would I give them up for different companions? Never!"

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Maria is the youngest member of the Lekki family, and has spent most of her life in the shadow of her older sister, who is currently missing. She set out on her journey at the request of Commander Reigan of the City Guard in order to prove herself and earn a spot in the Royal Knights of Brighton. However, her time spent with travelling companions Leo and Folkvar and the people they have met along the way has opened Maria's eyes to the fact that there may be more for her than just joining the Knights.


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leo and maria by captain1gab
Maria and Cammy pixel by
pencil sketch by throwawaypeaches
Maria by Queenfisher1
Company throughout the journey by Shonatabeata
Maria in Battle by Nancyblackmor
Maria on Cammy
Chibi Maria by xAmulet

Maria is played by Keith.

Other Player characters in her campaign include: Leo, and Folkvar.

Her current campaign is being run by Pope. 

Connected Characters:

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