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Niera St. Almus

Niera Portrait.png

"We don't have time to be standing around. We need to move.

"...What? Eggs Benedict? Coffee? ...Well who am I to get in the way of the most important meal of the day."

Niera Stat and Info Card.png

When Niera first set out to adventure she did so under the guise of a man. After losing most of her original party and gaining new allies she found that even after expressing her true gender she still had much to discover about her identity. Along with her teammates Selden, The Gold, and Timothy, Niera has befriended dragons, fought and conversed with the gods, walked across various planes of existence, saved cities from destruction, died and been reborn.


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gloves off niera by porcelainparasite
dinner party vignette by porcelainparasite
Niera with Potion by Porcelainparasite
Campaign's End by Chydila
Niera and Selden by Magisleeps
Niera by Abdyanii
Niera Portrait by Nasturia
Niera with Shield by Porcelainparasite

Niera St. Almus is played by Pope.

Other Player characters in her campaign include: Selden Sylvyr, The Gold, and Timothy.

Her current campaign is bring run by Keith. 

Connected Characters:

Character Portraits timothy.png
Selden Sylvyr


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