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Character Portrait folkvar full.png

"Now that I've got my tools organized, I can finally start the smith...


                         ...HEY SHIGGS PUT THAT BACK!"

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Folkvar has read so many romance novels during his solo mining digs and archaeological researchings that he absolutely HAD to take up the chance to fulfill a summons from a letter. A letter that makes him close up shop and bring his bestie for the ride. With Shiggs in tow, the two made out for the sunshine for their first time ever. After meeting two other adventurers on the road Folkvar is excited to see what this new world holds for him.


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Folkvar by Swasfews
Folkvar by RJgamesandcrafts
Shiggs and Folkvar in the Cave
tiny rage
SOF portraits folkvar 1

Folkvar is played by Colton.

Other Player characters in his campaign include: Maria Lekki, and Leo.

His current campaign is being run by Pope. 

Connected Characters:

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