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Timothy Pennywinkle

Character Portraits timothy.png

"I made this."

"Niera is the worst, all my homies hate Niera."

"You know...Niera's not so bad."

Timothy Stats and Info Card

Completely abandoning his station as head of R&D for the Galanodel Resort, Timothy took up the life of a travelling revolutionary. With more grey matter than sense Timothy often finds himself getting into trouble with just about anyone who'll listen. He's freed slaves, chased wizards, erased an entire plane of existence, sold his phallus to the devil, defeated Tezzeret in one-on-one combat, and slayed exactly zero dragons. Nowadays when his compatriots are often off committing violent crimes against the subterranean population, he researches for them while working on a way to reproduce aether technologies in Faerun. 


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halfdragon fight
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Timothy Pennywinkle is played by Rowan.

Other Player characters in his campaign include: Selden Sylvyr, The Gold, and Niera St. Almus

His current campaign is run by Keith. 

Connected Characters:

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