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Selden Sylvyr

"I don't care much for magic and I really prefer to outright avoid any physical contact thanks.

"I get by just fine stealing from those who deserve it and I really prefer my work as a thief over anything else I've done, plus I might as well do what I'm good at. Still, I don't plan on abandoning Niera or The Gold until all of us have returned safely to Waterdeep even if I, myself, can't go back there anymore."

Selden Sylvyr was set on his current path of adventure when one night he decided to steal from an overly aggressive centaur who shot him on sight. Luckily the centaur's business partner decided to give Selden a job instead of allowing him to be executed. Since then he has traveled across Faerun with The Gold, Niera, Dumas, and Timothy. Together the group of them have shifted across the planes, befriended dragons, infiltrated secret organizations, caught and cured magical diseases, battled countless undead, organized and fought in a city saving war (after losing one), got caught in wild magic storms, uncovered the lost Excalibur, made deals with demons, and so much more. 

His current journey is not yet complete and has currently brought him and his companions to Chult. 


Click and drag to uncover more artwork, double click to view full size:
Chibi Selden by Godhote
Mirror Selden by PorcelainParasite
Halfdragon Fight by PorcelainParasite
Selden Sylvyr by DestinieKirby
Selden Sylvyr Practice by Tubslab
Selden by PrettyBoyGenderEnvy
Campaign's End by Chydila
Selden 'Why' by PorcelainParasite
Selden Sylvyr Reunion by PorcelainParasite
Selden Futuristic Style Practice by PorcelainParasite
Confessions at the Bar by PorcelainParasite
Selden Sylvyr a year in the making by Porcelainparasite
Selden Sylvyr 6 months later by Porcelainparasite
Selden Anime by Milkomeeeda

Selden Sylvyr is played by Alecks.

Other Player characters in his campaign include: Niera St. Almus, The Gold, and Timothy. 

His current campaign is being run by Hiko.

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