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"I don't think it's important you know much about me, I can help stitch you up either way.

"Currently I go by Leo, and although I prefer my old vocation, Maria and Folkvar make our adventuring together more or less worthwhile. Plus I can't reject the calling of Rao, I hope to one day earn his favour, and my peace."

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Leo's life as an adventurer began not long ago when he fled one night to the small town of haven only to find himself wrapped up in the adventures of Maria and Folkvar. Finding adventuring to be as good an excuse for a traveler as any Leo has followed his new companions to the estate of the mysterious and reclusive Anthony Benwick who has issued them a quest to retrieve the magical core of a long dead great beast. 


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Leo by Nasturia
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leo and maria by captain1gab
Galileo by cc8936
Leo test by Porcelainparasite
labcoat leo by Porcelainparasite
Angel Leo by EmeraldM00NPony
He looked knowledgeable by ar-en-es
Leo by tye--fi
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leo by rattemann

Leo is played by Alecks.

Other Player characters in his campaign include: Maria Lekki, and Folkvar.

His current campaign is being run by Pope. 

Connected Characters:

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