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What is the Silver Dice Society?

We started out as a small group of dedicated players hosting local events for other TTRPG players and board/card game enthusiasts. After over a year of social distancing and moving all our games online we decided to move the community online as well.  

Here we will be hosting not only links to events on and offline, but our shop of custom made TTRPG supplies, free resources for players and game masters, along side a constant stream of educational and entertaining content for others in the community. 

Joining the society grants access to free resources outside of our blogpost content, priority notifications about upcoming events, and the ability for your feedback to shape the future of our society. 

Alecks Radio Host

Our Founder

As a writer, actor, and magician Alecks has always been drawn to the TTRPG landscape as a means for collective storytelling and exploration. She has been a long time board game collector and started playing D&D 3.5 in her late teens, soon after launching public 4th edition campaigns that would last the next half decade collectively. 

Around this time the Silver Dice Society was formed and started hosting small local events and participating in local festivals. These events included drop in D&D games, pop-up board game cafés, and gaming tournaments. However this was all put on hold due to the global pandemic in 2020.

During the pandemic she and the rest of the Silver Dice Society community had more time than ever to play and explore the TTRPG landscape, and with this came the inspiration to take the society online as they had with their games previously. 

Although Alecks founded the society, and was the driving force behind its new digital era, the Silver Dice Society wouldn't exist without the hard working members of the silver dice team and the interactions of those who join us as part of the TTRPG community. Just as it takes every player at the table to build the adventure, it takes a collective to build our stories here at the society as well. 

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