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Winona Gaultier


"I don't think you've properly understood who I am, Winona Gaultier, eldest of the Gaultier family? No?

Well, if you don't know who my family is yet you will soon. No disrespect to the crown shall go unpunished."

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Winona set out on a quest to find a lost set of blades which once belonged to her great great grandfather, only to find herself lost instead in a world where space and time work incorrectly and where her family and title hold no influence. Along with her companions Holly, Merric, and her bodyguard Friendly Alfred, the stranded group set out into the woods to try and find a way home and get answers about this new strange world. Unfortunately both Merric and Alfred have been lost to their adventures and now that a new yet familiar threat has taken over the only village they've found in this world she and Holly are plotting to overthrow or eliminate the invaders. 


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little winona by porcelainparasite
winona reading by porcelainparasite
Winona Portrait by nakamor
winter winona by porcelainparasite
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Winona by punkiaw
winona concept sketch by porcelainparasite

Winona Gaultier is played by Alecks.

Other Player characters in her campaign include: Holly, Merric, and Friendly Alfred.

Her current campaign is bring run by Michael. 

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