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Shadows Over Filoria

Set in the homebrew continent of Filoria we follow the journey of Leo, Maria, and Folkvar across the landscape as it falls into chaos around them. 

Filoria offers a traditional fantasy setting with plenty of casual humor and a sprinkling of cosmic horror.

Shadows Over Filoria is presented in a semi-animated podcast format on the SilverDiceSociety youtube channel with episodes ranging from 2-4 hours a piece. It features Pope as Dungeon Master, Alecks as Leo, Keith as Maria, and Colton as Folkvar with artwork by Alecks and Pope. 

SOF EP1 Thumb1.png


Season 1 Episodes

The full playlist of Shadows Over Filoria season one semi-animated podcast episodes. Season one is currently airing so subscribe to SilverDiceSociety on youtube for updates on new episodes. 

The World of Filoria

Coming soon!

Explore the world of Filoria with maps, npcs, art, info, and more.

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Character Portrait maria.png
Character Portrait folkvar.png

Leo, Maria, & Folkvar

The Cast

Read about the featured player characters in Shadows Over Filoria, see their stats, and explore the amazing artworks created by fans of the series. 

Shop Filoria

Grab a copy of our custom character sheet set inspired by Leo, one of the three protagonists of Shadows Over Filoria. 

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