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Making A Splash With Kraken Week

Updated: Jul 7

This year's summer break started with a tidal wave of videos, creators of Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPG content all coming together to do battle with the Kraken...

...or with other underwater or ocean themed beasts, concepts, and gameplay in this Shark Week parody event created by Ginny Di and Pointy Hat over on Youtube.


We were lucky enough to participate with not one but two videos for this years event:

Kraken Week Crabs:

3 of our miniature artists discuss their creative process while all tackling the painting of the same seaside miniature.

A Pirate Hijacked My Game:

Alecks tells the tale of her second D&D campaign being derailed by the pirate player alongside how she would handle this situation today.


But what I really want to highlight is some other amazing content from other creators on the playlist and the cool things they've made for D&D:

Ginny Di has created a homebrew race for playable merfolk in D&D 5e, complete with a downloadable PDF featuring three variants.

2. Improved Krakens

Treantmonk's Temple reworks the Kraken stat block for more involved and memorable at sea combat.

3. Music From the Depths

Autumn Orange has composed an ambient background track inspired by deep underwater landscapes for use as campaign background music.

4. Aquatic Plots and Missions

Stephanie Plays Games lures us in with 5 unique aquatic plot hooks for all your seaside Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

5. A Cursed Underwater Magic Item

Blandco shows off some beautiful nautical miniatures while also providing us with a homebrew magic item: The Cursed Coral Ring of the Sea.

6. A Complex Kraken Themed Puzzle

Wally DM details a multi step nautical puzzle complete with a mini kraken to help players solve it!

7. Magical Fish Hats

CinderBlocksally creates a series of magical hats created from the remains of all the aquatic D&D creatures you know and love.

8. Underwater Maps

Cantrips Media brings us a tutorial on building undersea maps and then shares their own underwater and seaside map creations with us all!


These are only 10 of the over 100 videos in the complete Kraken week playlist for this year's event:

We highly recommend our readers check out all the amazing creators big and small and let them know that the Silver Dice Society sent you!

Happy Kraken Week Everyone!

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