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A World of Intricate Maps: Spook’s Fantasy Map Art

Spook has been creating fantasy maps for the past three years and is absolutely killing it!



Spook’s first completed map, created after several attempts, remains one of his most popular maps to date. He has since created several iterations as his world grows and is currently in the process of creating its newest update.

Spook began creating maps on Inkarnate three years ago when creating a world map for his own campaign world Isica (seen above). He has since continued to create maps for himself and others, quickly growing a large library of beautiful fantasy resources.



A current example of Spook’s parchment map style. He enjoys filling each of his maps with detail adding to the intrigue of the fantasy worlds presented within.

Since his teens Spook has been an avid D&D player. This lead to a friend suggesting he create and run his own campaign a few years ago. This one suggestion would be what set Spook on the path to create the gorgeous map art he does today. Although he has yet to run that proposed campaign he has found a passion for fantasy maps and a skill he continues to develop to this day.


The Land of PRO:

An exploration in a more vibrant comic-like style from Spook. He enjoys creating with vibrant palates to express the variety of biomes a world map contains.

When away from the table Spook finds inspiration in the classic fantasy of Lord of the Rings, and fantasy games like The Elder Scrolls series. In the past few years he has taken a lot of inspiration from various fantasy anime as well.



The most recent and largest city map Spook has created so far, stressing the importance of details besides traditional buildings, as the landscape and its foliage can bring life to a city map.


An Elven Capital:

Heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings, this Elven Capital map makes use of clean white materials and elevated architectural structures to capture its magic and grandeur.


Temple Dungeon:

An exploration in presenting a structure carved into natural stone as a battle map.


A Red Dragon's Lair:

The lair of a red dragon burrowed deep into an underground volcano. Treasure spread about the cave emphasizes the disorganized personality of this particular dragon.



The first coloured map of Spook’s creation, and currently his most requested world map style.

Spook enjoys sharing his creations and map making knowledge with others. Most active on Reddit and the Inkarnate discord he is often up for giving tips to aspiring Inkarnate map makers.


To explore more of Spook’s maps and creations you can find him on:

Drop by and let him know that the Silver Dice Society sent you!


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